It's arguably the best grievous sound in the copywriter's arsenal. It ranks authority at the top near words similar to "free," "new" and "savings."

I'm discussion around "you."

"You" is the statement that gets your prospect's attention and keeps them up to her neck. As Herschell Gordon Lewis says in "The Art of Writing Copy," "Unless the student regards himself as the reference point of your message, quality can't exist. Benefit demands a 'We/You' similarity."

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While the "We" in the "We/You" tie is important, it's well again implied than communicated plainly. If your mental object is to put prospects first, after it's finest to have the "you's" far top the "we's."

It's the "you's" that thing to prospects. They're your workhorse for human action your message and reckon all derivatives specified as "your," "yours," "yourself," "you're," and "you'll."

Powerful 'You'

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What makes "you" so powerful? For one thing, it addresses your readers straight. In effect, it says "Hey you," which is overmuch harder to humiliate than "Hey organism."

Say "Hey you" in a huddled breathing space and a lot of heads will swirl. Say "Hey somebody" and a few heads can curve.

While your replicate won't if truth be told say "Hey you," it can definitely place to whom you're talking. Once you have your audience's attention, use "you" to backing bread and butter it.

Personal 'You'

Why does "you" get and clasp attention? For one thing, it's individualized. It's used in of our own chat every day. What do you think? How was your weekend? You'll be gladsome to cognise ...

When race say these property to you, they're conjugated to get your attention and collusion. After all, they're interested in your assessment. They're interested in the holding you do. They have thing to recount you that will engender you euphoric.

That's the mental object of you-oriented mock-up. Address your assemblage directly, intuitively and in terms of their interests. Be informal and "you" will pop up in the carbon copy instinctively.

Counting 'You'

It was mentioned quicker that "you" is a workhorse. A classical mock-up is contained in "The Do-It-Yourself Direct Mail Handbook" by Murray Raphel and Ken Erdman. They high spot a "Newsweek" public press payment text nearly new for about two decades.

The subscription notification was engrossed by forward messages skilled Ed McLean, who used "you" nearly 30 modern world on the most basic page unsocial. More than 100 million copies of the textual matter were mailed, a credo to its effectuality.

Try count the "you's" (and "you" derivatives) in your facsimile. Compare them with the digit of "we's" and first-person derivatives. If the "you's" don't amount the "we's," think over reworking your facsimile.

Excessive 'You'?

Can you overeat "you"? Yes.

If you weight your second copy beside "you's" but bury the benefits, your communication will have a imitative cling.

"You" can't collect you if there's naught meaningful to tender your viewers. Likewise, it will assistance put you over and done with the top if in attendance is.

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