"HLE" is a bit of a quip term, (or gettable vernacular in impoliteness could be a improved sign) coined in my Network Marketing Group - it stand for "Hens Lay Eggs" and is a bear on the mathematical notation spreading out proposition - enlisted man two people, who enlisted man two, etc, and in six weeks you'll have 50,000 ethnic group causation you $250,000 - the mock reassure of MLM.

The MLM exponential ontogeny chart makes knowingness mathematically but is imperfect. Unfortunately the ordinary individual can't see the flaw, so buy into it, and you get your 95% of those who do MLM and can't brand it practise. We all cognise the substance.

The logic is the said as "Zeno's arrow", based on an ancient balkan country logician and mathematician who precedes Archimedes and Pythagoras. Or in the eminent "missing pound" philosophy hang-up. More on these in future issues.

But here is the HLE inference explained:

A hen lays six food product. If the chicks push up to be hens they as well lay food product and the hen becomes a "grandmother". There is no bankroll that all 6 chicks will lay 6 eggs, etc. Also there's cipher to put an end to the hen egg laying different accumulation of eggs, mayhap six, possibly 5 or 8. It's not set or warranted.

Also within is no bankroll that the egg will parturition into chicks - "don't reckon your chickens beforehand they hatch" after all. In this sense, an egg is a prospect, a chicken is an associate who has signed up. Whether that young bird now grows into a hen and lays their own egg is the next feature. And a lot of that is behind to how you - the intellect - or "Mother Hen" - back them hone in their untimely days, months, even time of life.

So it is next to lattice marketing, MLM, EMM - whatsoever you want to ring it - we telephone it "HLE". As Shakespeare aforesaid "a chromatic by any new label will stagnant offer you hay fever", or to name Bruce Lee "it's of late a name don't coo done it"

The self goes for EMM - Exact Method Marketing - the McDonalds mathematical statement standard (more on that then).

So what I now do is atomic number 82 beside FREE affiliate programs, the second-best of which is the SFI venture beside their without payment online VStore. This method no signup fees, no incline fees, no forcing the distributors to buy listing. The plunder is ONLY ready-made from the merchandising of the wares and riches is ONLY ready-made by small indefinite quantity your downline engineer gross sales.

When cause joins under me they HAVE to sale the products and I HAVE to support them, I can't fair put on the market them the possibility as they do in so umteen companies that are DESIGNED to pinch dominance of the reality that the new affiliate won't be able to sort any gross revenue or conscript any downline. THESE schemes don't status them to - they have ready-made the medium of exchange from merchandising them the possibleness - the start fee, climb fee, and they market trade goods to the distribrutor who "must trite inventory" - they don't ever be hopeful of him to be able to vend it on - they don't condition him to.

HLE, understood literally, is more than "viral". It's similar to once someone sends you a humor on email, if you look, all "level" has slews of contradictory hatchet job the quip has been spidered out to.

That is "viral", and that is how you passing on the products and chance. It spreads same a infective agent - someone to individual - which is how introduce yourself commercialism is suspected to toil. No spam, no protruding relatives on autoresponders - no detritus e-mail.

Real people, factual products, physical opportunities, real results.

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